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Sacrifice Remembered

The result of two years of research, photographing over 1,500 Purple Hearts in the hands of museums, Gold Star families, historians, and collectors, author David Schwind has created the best reference book on not only the Purple Heart but all United States valor medals of the Second World War. Most importantly, it honors many of the men who sacrificed their lives in the service to our country and for the freedom of many other nations.

This book explores posthumous awards of the Purple Heart, the United States’ oldest military decoration. Through the biographies of over three hundred men who were awarded the Purple Heart after they were killed in action, this book conveys the meaning and importance of this medal and what it represents.

In 593 pages, the book details the stories of service members from the Army, Army Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Public Health Service who were killed in action during WW2. In addition to short biographies, their medals and accompanying documents, ranging from the Congressional Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and the focus of the book, the Purple Heart, are displayed in full color and exacting detail. 

Additionally, the variations, types, engraving styles, and manufacturing differences are examined at a level of detail never before published to give the reader a full appreciation of the development of the medal and how it changed over time to become the medal we know today.  No other book has ever shown the detail, images, and in-depth research about the medals and decorations awarded for heroism and service in the Second World War. This book is truly ground-breaking and the only one of its type. 

The book itself is printed on the highest quality 105-pound ultra-heavyweight glossy paper, in full color wherever possible (the wartime photos are in their original black and white format). No expenses were spared in making this book an honorable memorial to those who gave their lives in the service of the United States military. 

Sacrifice Remembered is a key reference across the historical research spectrum: from museums maintaining Purple Hearts in their collections to historians, researchers, and collectors seeking to appreciate essential details about the medal. Most importantly, families searching to discover their genealogical history will gain a better understanding of the tremendous sacrifices made by those who came before them.

Sacrifice Remembered

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